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  • Joe Mario

Secondhand Mentorship

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Understand why we chose the name Secondhand Mentorship

Our first outing as a group-Second Beach in Middletown, RI (Joe, Kevin & Everitt) As we progress through life, it's imperative to be seeking growth. As I reflect on the journey through my 20's, I learned there seemed to be one staple that propelled me forward-awesome people. And with those people came captivating leaders. Those leaders, whether in a position of authority, a peer, or even a subordinate, continually inspired me to pursue a better self. This is why I chose the name "Secondhand Mentorship." We are a creation of our environment and it's imperative to pass on the compiled greatness from those around us onto others. As we become mentors ourselves, the successful leadership being bestowed on someone else truly is that of another.

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