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About Our Network

We strive to build lasting relationships between rising teens, young adults and adult mentors.


Foster essential life skills in America's youth through creative opportunities and exposure to new opportunities.

Our program emphasizes four components:

  • Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness

  • Civic engagement

  • Educational success

  • Economic prosperity


While emphasizing the above components we consider the essential developmental needs of each mentee to maximize their potential through a fluid learning environment.

Empowering young people through the invaluable wealth of human experience

Our Mission

Our program seeks to build and sustain the curiosity, awareness, and discipline required to learn new necessary skills for a person to reach their full potential. As mentees progress through their transitioning years, and prepare for the future, it’s imperative to learn a humanity's most necessary skill: a want to learn and become better for others.

Our Vision

Within our local communities, our goal is to build lasting, authentic connections between rising teens and young adults with accomplished mentors. By connecting with our community's youth, virtually and in person, our mentors develop their mentees' necessary skills and individual interests to help overcome challenges

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