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Secondhand Mentorship

A mentor network helping America's teens achieve their full potential



 Paying success forward



Persevering though challenges



Building authentic connections 

Our Focus

Our Methods

We thoughtfully match each teenager with an experienced mentor based on that individual's strengths and interests in order to help them grow those constructive interests and teach necessary life skills. We work to get to know our mentees on both a personal and professional level by connecting with them virtually and/or in person. As interests grow and develop, our diverse and robust network allows our mentees to grow along with them. Mentors are hand selected based on our core focus tenets, ensuring that each mentee has access to mentors who are not only experienced with their interests, but are dedicated to paying their success forward. As long-term relationships progress, our mentors will be there to aid difficult and sometimes unforeseen transitions that often occur in  teenage years to early adulthood. These intimate connections will help ease life's challenges by imposing wisdom and education. 



A holistic approach to wellness in our lives is absolutely critical to prospering as growing individuals. Our goal is to help our mentees thrive by capitalizing on their strengths and developing strategies to overcome challenges.  Intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are dependent on each other, and each must be improved in its own right to improve the rest. 

Civic Engagement

Citizens of our communities and citizens of the world prosper through strong leadership and a sense of togetherness. Each of us has immense power to add value to our community. Secondhand Mentorship believes that it's our duty to do our part by investing time in our communities, learning about the challenges they face. We must leverage our voice through voting, as well as our individual talents to solve those challenges together.

Educational Success

By identifying our individual strengths and learning styles, we provide the initial stepping stone in the educational journey. As we grow in one area, we use the confidence from those accomplishments to build rigidity, enabling us to attack our challenges to further grow. Keeping a growth mindset through the failures we all experience ingrains us with perseverance and empowerment. Learning is a life long pursuit and we embrace the challenge.

Economic Prosperity

Financial literacy is a cornerstone of personal prosperity. In order to focus on the greater concerns of love and happiness, our basic needs must be met. Establishing sound economic principles and using these principles to ground our lifestyle and habits are not easy accomplishments, but as with all things, we are stronger when we face these climbs together.

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